They are also known as cavies pronounced KAY-vees ; guinea pigs are the domesticated counterparts of wild guinea pigs from South America. Tons of personality Guinea pigs are very unique and have lots of character. Some can be colorful and feisty while others can be shy-natured and just want to cuddle. Also, just like cats, guinea pigs actually make purring sounds. This behavior, usually seen when young guinea pigs are excited or happy, is unique to these breeds. While most gerbils and hamsters only live two to three years, most guinea pigs can live upwards of seven or more years. When fed properly and cared for, guinea pigs are typically hardy animals. However, like other pets, they are prone to specific conditions so must receive regular medical checkups. Along with their special pelleted diet, they must be supplied with a vitamin C supplement or they will become ill their bodies do not manufacture this vital nutrient.

Why it’s illegal to own one guinea pig in Switzerland

Abstract Sometime after A. Pre-Columbian archeological specimens of guinea pig have been found on 18 sites on nine islands where disarticulated remains occur as food refuse. To identify the geographic origin of these animals, we extracted and analyzed ancient mitochondrial DNA of individual archeological guinea pigs C.

The archeological contexts of the guinea pigs and the chronometric dates of these sites along with the genetic analysis lead us to hypothesize that guinea pigs were introduced initially to Puerto Rico from the modern-day region of Colombia. The genetic data, the first published on a pre-Columbian domestic animal from the Caribbean, allow us to infer direct human movement between the Caribbean Antilles and northwestern South America. These preliminary genetic data are parsimonious with archeological information regarding migration, exchange, and inter-island interaction that took place in the West Indies beginning approximately A.

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Tweet on Twitter Want to know more about long haired guinea pig breeds? These super-cute pets are smart, fun, and and a great family pet. But how do you care for them, and what do you need to know? Domestic guinea pigs make fabulous pets for tons of reasons: Among the other guinea pig breeds are the short haired and Abyssinian types, and they also make fantastic pocket pets. First off, guinea pigs also known as cavies , are not actually pigs, nor are they from Guinea.

Domestic guinea pigs are rodents that originated in South America. Today these vocal, sociable critters thrive in households across the globe. They have been kept as pets for thousands of years.

The Guinea Pig Advisor provides everything about Guinea Pigs / Cavys

The biggest question you face when thinking about raising pigs is where you are going to put them. Here are some things to consider. Is it legal to keep pigs in your area, and if so, how many? In most rural areas, and certainly any place zoned for agriculture, the answer is yes and the answer to how many is lots. In semi-rural, suburban, or even urban areas, you might be surprised.

As my partner and I discovered, landlords are not normally happy about pigs even if they seem excited at first!

The guinea pig takes on the name of the person it goes to first! Write different names on a few index cards and place them around the room with some guinea pig food; you can even do .

Remains of the earliest known North American peccary, Perchoerus, are from late Eocene sediments dating from 37 million years ago in North America. But it’s the domesticated pig that holds our interest. The Romans improved pig breeding and spread pork production throughout their empire. Two main types were developed: Jewish religious law banned the eating of pork before BC, based on a belief that pigs were unclean since they ate waste, and there was the fear of disease no doubt associated with contracting trichinosis from eating improperly cooked pork or the belief that pork meat didn’t last long before “going off” ; don’t forget that nomadic cultures are not as suited to pigs as they are to cattle, sheep, or camels.

Early Christians also shunned pork, but by around AD50 those restrictions were relaxed. Muhammad also banned the consumption of pork, resulting in a severe decline in the pig population of the Middle East and Western Asia. Europe, being principally Christian, embraced the pig:

Swimming pigs in Bahamas attract a global fan base

Tammy Raabe Get togethers like Guinea Pignics are great ways for these social creatures to interact. Tammy Raabe of Alexandria, Va. Guinea Pignics In , Raabe was already connected with guinea pig lovers worldwide through her educational website, Cavy Madness. But she wanted to meet other cavy owners and their pets in person.

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A History of Pigs in America

Thinking about getting a guinea pig? Be sure to avoid these common pitfalls. Source Tips for a Happier, Longer-Lived Cavy A guinea pig, or cavy, is a very fragile pet that requires more care than most people think. Many new guinea pig owners are guilty of some or all of these five common mistakes. Before you bring your little ball of fur home, do some research and use this article as a guide to make sure you are fully prepared.

Guinea Pigs are beautiful animals, make lovely pets and will give you a lot of joy but you need to take good care of them to make the most out of their presence in your life.

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How To Raise Pigs

Choose furry, feathery and scaly. There are animals for everyone. Science Parties Interact with impressive science demonstrations. Science experiments that guarantee excitement.

AUNTYANIMAL Small Animal Fostering and Rescue GUINEA PIG MATCHMAKING SERVICE Owners seeking a companion for their Guinea Pig are offered BOARDING AT REDUCED RATE – (25% off) (for up to 7 days*) for their guinea pig while we make careful monitored introduction with one (or a pair, or group) of our females.

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The Bullies

This information is intended to help you provide the best possible life for your guinea pigs as well as ensuring you also have the best possible experience as a piggie owner. So many guinea pigs end up in rescues and we hope this information may help to remedy this. How to make a piggie happy A guinea pig, like any animal, has basic needs such as food, water and shelter, but they also have many other needs, which although may not be necessary for basic survival, enrich their life and makes them, and in turn you, happy.

Company The best gift you can give your guinea pig is the gift of company of its own kind. Guinea pigs are herd animals and live in large social groups in the wild.

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Email Guinea pigs are sociable animals and Swiss law prohibits owners from keeping the furry rodents on their own. But what happens when one dies? Switzerland has forbidden people from keeping lone guinea pigs because the animals are sociable and need each other’s company. As a result, the sudden death of a guinea pig, shocking enough in itself, can also place the hapless owners outside the law if they only had two of the pets.

Without her rent-a-guinea pig service, the owner would have to purchase a new, probably younger guinea pig as a companion to the ageing survivor, whose eventual death would force the purchase of yet another guinea pig, locking the owner into an endless cycle of guinea pig purchases in order to adhere to Swiss law — even though he or she may only ever have wanted one guinea pig in the first place.

She got her first guinea pig when she was two years old and has been breeding them since she was 12 — both short-haired and Abyssinian guinea pigs with twirly hair. In effect, she sells the animals but pays back half the purchase price when they are returned. The job of the leased rodents is to cheer up companions in their twilight years. Some return after just a few poignant weeks, others after months, but some stay away for years.

Sometimes she rents out a young guinea pig, sometimes an old one. She gets two to three enquiries per week.

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The pigs were either shipwrecked there generations ago or abandoned after a pig farm went belly up. Or, the captain theorized, maybe the pigs were marooned by a resident because they were stinking.

An A-Z of trivia and trifles obscure and significant Search This Blog Thursday, 14 May Guinea Pig Guinea pigs were first domesticated by the Incas, who used them for food , in sacrifices, and as household pets. Guinea pigs first appeared in Europe in the s. In August the National Portrait Gallery uncovered possibly the earliest portraits of a pet guinea pig dating from The earliest use of the term guinea pig for a human subject of an experiment was in Peruvians consume an estimated 65 million guinea pigs a year.

Guinea pigs are not pigs and have nothing to do with Guinea in West Africa. Guinea pigs are born fully developed with grown hair, open functional eyes and fully grown teeth. They start running around within a few hours and start consuming solid food within a day. Guinea pigs’ teeth never stop growing. They constantly have to grind them down on toys or other things. Guinea pigs have four toes on their front feet and three on their hind feet. Both Guinea pigs and rabbits can’t sweat.

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Wednesday 19th September Posted: September 19, by Mairwen Guard I had some good news yesterday regarding Holly — she has successfully bonded to her new friend! I am absolutely thrilled as she failed to bond in a previous attempt and ended up with a nasty leg wound so I had given up trying her again. However, a lovely couple contacted me as they felt Holly could just be the rabbit they were looking for to bond with their male, so I agreed to give it a try and I am so glad I did.

Friday 7th September Posted:

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SHARE Although studying creativity is considered a legitimate scientific discipline nowadays, it is still a very young one. In the early s, a psychologist named J. Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity. He challenged research subjects to connect all nine dots using just four straight lines without lifting their pencils from the page. Today many people are familiar with this puzzle and its solution.

In the s, however, very few were even aware of its existence, even though it had been around for almost a century. If you have tried solving this puzzle, you can confirm that your first attempts usually involve sketching lines inside the imaginary square.

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